Texas Will Requirements

Texas Will Requirements

What Are The Requirements Of A Valid Will In Texas? Making A Will In Texas A Last Will and Testament is a secure way to distribute your property or assets to your family, heirs, and … Read more

Wills Distribution

Wills Distribution

How To Distribute Estate To Beneficiaries You can look at a will and testament as a tool for distributing assets to heirs after your death. After a person dies, a probate process is conducted in … Read more

Provide For A Dog In A Will Texas

Provide For A Dog In A Will In Texas

Texas Statutory Pet Trust Many people think about the kind of life their loving pets will have when they as pet owners get incapacitated or die. What usually happens when there is no plan for … Read more


Getting Your Will Done Remotely As the COVID-19 crisis has unfolded, we’ve had a number of concerned folks contact our office who are eager to get their Wills drafted. Their only hesitation is that they … Read more

Top 5 Estate Planning Myths

There are a lot of myths floating out there about wills, trusts, and probate. By the way, what IS probate? Read on to learn more. #1. I don’t need a will. I am married, and … Read more

Who was Melvin Dummar?

Melvin Dummar was at the center of a story about a contested will.? This story was played out on the front pages of newspapers all over the country, in 1976. In this story, the decedent … Read more