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Most people are concerned about the cost of estate planning because they think it may be expensive. But the cost of an estate plan not only depends on the lawyer’s fee structure but also on the documents you need. For instance, some lawyers will charge a flat fee rate while others may charge you per hour.

When a lawyer charges a flat fee rate, it means that they are charging you a single fixed fee regardless of how much they help you in your estate planning. Below are the costs you should expect when you seek the services of a San Antonio lawyers estate planning lawyer.

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Estate Planning Attorney Services

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A Package For Wills

You use your Will to designate what each of your heirs gets from your assets, and who will administer your estate after death. You can also use your Will to appoint someone to take charge in a situation where you are still alive but incapacitated. Many estate planning attorneys in San Antonio have Will packages for individuals as well as couples.

But if you want to create a testamentary trust together with your, that can be done concurrently. Your estate planning lawyer will help you with the following:

  • Drafting your Last Will and Testament
  • Drafting a Medical Power of Attorney document and appointing an agent
  • Declaration of guardian
  • Declaration of guardian for minor or disabled children
  • Writing a durable power of attorney and appointing an agent
  • Drafting a directive to physicians or Living Will

Avoiding Probate in Texas

Your lawyer will not just offer the services listed above but will also use certain legal tools that can help your heirs avoid probate. Your lawyer can use payable-on-death accounts, affidavits, joint ownership or joint tenancy as a way for your loved ones to avoid probate when you die.

Contact our office today to determine the best options that your estate planning attorney can put in place to help your heirs avoid probate.

Revocable Living Trust

Under this package, you can appoint a person to take charge when you are incapacitated and when you are dead. Since all your assets will be transferred to the trust when you are alive, they are unlikely to go through probate after you die. This package includes most of the services offered in the first package such as drafting of Will and Testament, appointing an agent to make medical decisions, choosing a guardian for your child and more.

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San Antonio Estate Planning Attorney With Wills & Trusts

There are many other estate planning services such as prenuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, caretaker agreements, and more. Talk to an experienced San Antonio estate planning lawyer to help you identify the documents that you need.

Estate Planning Lawyer Reviews

I have been completely impressed by the professionalism of this law firm. They are very knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful. I recommend this law firm highly. Jessica Ramirez is highly talented.

Mario R. 5 Star Review on Google

We have gone to this firm twice–once for our original estate documents and again for an update. The update came during the pandemic. We originally tried to go through firms covered by our employer’s legal coverage plan, but after they scoffed at the idea of signing outdoors, we decided to pay and go back to Hailey-Petty. The process was incredibly easy, and we were able to safely meet on the office’s front porch, with masks and available hand sanitizer. We had our young children with us, and they were able to distance as well. All in all, I highly recommend them for making the process easy and professional.

James H. 5 Star Review on Google

I was told by other attorneys to be sure to find a good certified estate attorney to set up our trust. Jessica Ramirez with Hailey-Petty filled the bill. She made the process very simple. Always available for consultation. Walked us through the signing and answered all of our questions. I know so much more about it now. Thanks Jessica.

Paul A. | 5 Star Review on Google

San Antonio Estate Planning Lawyer FAQ

How much does an estate planning lawyer cost?

It is difficult to say how much an estate planning lawyer will cost, without knowing exactly what you need. Some clients may only want a Last Will and Testament, while other may want a complete estate plan including a Revocable Living Trust, Medical and Durable Powers of Attorney, Asset Protection advice, and so forth. The best thing to do is call our office for a free consultation, and then we can help you determine exactly what you need and how much it might cost.

How do I find an estate planning attorney nearby?

We have included a map on this web page with directions to our San Antonio office. Call our office for directions.

Who is the best estate planning lawyer in San Antonio?

The State Bar of Texas frowns on Texas lawyers stating that they are the best lawyers or comparing themselves to the quality of other attorneys. You should do some due diligence to find an estate planning attorney who is right for your situation. In most cases, you will want an attorney who is licensed in your jurisdiction and who focuses on estate planning law. Call our office today at (210) 570-2458 to set up a free consultation.