Trust Administration

Real World Guidance from a Knowledgeable Austin Trust Administration Attorney

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The creation of a trust is a viable strategy for protecting your estate and ensuring that your beneficiaries receive the funds and property you wish them to receive. The initial creation of the trust is simply the first step in an ongoing process, however, as administering and maintaining the trust may be a long-term effort.

At the Hailey-Petty Law Firm, PLLC, we provide trust creation and administration guidance to clients throughout the Austin area. Attorney Pamela Hailey-Petty possesses a diverse background in finance and fund administration in addition to her work in the legal field, allowing her to provide the real-world advice you need to understand the trust administration process and make sound decisions at every turn. Attorney Hailey-Petty takes a hands-on and educational approach to trust administration, and provides the information you and your family need to understand each step in the process, including:

Notice to Beneficiaries

The first step in trust administration is notifying beneficiaries of the deceased’s passing. This can be a difficult step when beneficiaries are spread throughout the country or even the globe. Our experience administering trusts gives us the knowledge needed to locate and notify beneficiaries swiftly, regardless of their physical location.

Gathering Assets

When a trust involves physical assets such as art or real estate, it is important that the trust administrator gather all property named in the trust. This can be challenging, especially in the case of moveable property, such as a vehicle. We leverage advanced knowledge of financial analytics to identify trust assets and gather them quickly and efficiently.

Distribution to Beneficiaries

Once all trust assets have been identified and gathered, they must be distributed to beneficiaries according to the terms of the trust. Ensuring that the proper assets are distributed to their named beneficiaries can be challenging, especially when the trust involves significant assets or wealth.

Trust Funding

The appropriate funding of a trust is vital to the ultimate distribution of funds and assets. Unfortunately, many people who make the effort to create a trust fail to ensure its future funding. Attorney Hailey-Petty leverages years of fund administration experience to provide the guidance and administration advice you need to ensure the financial well-being of your trust.

The effective administration of a trust is just as important as its initial creation. The Hailey-Petty Law Firm prides itself on offering informative and personalized trust administration assistance to every client we represent. By discussing your unique Texas trust administration needs with Attorney Hailey-Petty, you are likely to gain a deeper understanding of the process and each step involved. To schedule a consultation to discuss your trust administration concerns with Attorney Hailey-Petty, call (512) 910-8977 to reach our Austin office, (210) 570-2458 to reach our San Antonio office, or contact our firm online today.

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