Medical Power Of Attorney For A Minor

Medical Power Of Attorney For Child In Texas

Medical POA For Children In TX

Parents with children that require medical attention often worry about who will take care of their children’s treatment when they are not available.  You are right to be worried about this especially if you are out of town for military deployment, work, vacation, and so on.  When you are away you need to make sure that there is someone that can provide consent for medical treatment in the event that your child needs medical treatment.

The person you choose to make these decisions will have the medical power of attorney for your child. An experienced attorney should be consulted concerning any questions you might have regarding a medical power of attorney for a minor and other questions you might have.

What Is Limited Power Of Attorney?

Power Of Attorney For Child Health Care

This is a document or form that allows you to grant another person the authority to act on your behalf when you are not available to make that decision. The person you grant this authority is called an agent and can be grandparents or other family or people you trust. This power is temporary and you can revoke it at any time.

A limited power of attorney must state the duration of the Agent’s power of attorney. This can be done by stating the date it begins and the date when it ends.  The authority granted to the agent will be determined by the parents.

How To Choose The Right Agent

Medical Power Of Attorney For Minor Children In Texas

Medical Power Of Attorney For A MinorAn agent can be any mentally competent adult that you trust to make medical decisions for your child. It doesn’t have to be a relative. When you are going away for a few weeks, the person your children will be staying with should be the one you designate.  Make sure you are comfortable talking about your child’s healthcare with the person you want to choose.

Ideally, they should live near the hospital you take your child to not someone who lives out of state. They should be able to be assertive even when they are under pressure and must have some understanding of the process involved in getting medical treatment.  Choose an articulate person that can calmly and naturally explain your child’s medical condition even when under pressure.

What Information Does The Agent Need?

Medical Power Of Attorney For Grandparents

Make sure the agent has access to copies of the Power of Attorney because health providers will ask for them when they need someone to decide about your child’s health.  You can also tell them where the original copies of Power of Attorney are stored just in case.  Doing this makes it easier for things to move faster in case of a medical emergency.

Requirements For Executing A Power Of Attorney

Medical Power Of Attorney For Children Texas

The requirements for executing a power of attorney include:

  • The power of attorney needs to be signed before a notary public
  • Only people who are 18 years old or older can execute the power of attorney
  • You must be of sound mind and understand what you are doing when you sign the power of attorney
  • Your agent can only do the things that you allow them to do.
  • Some of the information included in a power of attorney include:
  • The names, phone numbers, and addresses of the parents that created and signed the document
  • Name and date of birth of the child involved
  • Name and address of the agent

Duration of the power of attorney or when it starts and ends and more.