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Forming and operating a business is a dream for many of us. When the time comes to turn that dream into reality, it is important to take steps to protect the future of your business and invest in its creation.

At the Hailey-Petty Law Firm, PLLC, we represent Austin area owners during the initial formation of an entity and throughout the life of the business. Pam Hailey-Petty’s unique background in finance and fund administration has given her real-world insight needed to help you address the legal and practical issues relating to the creation and maintenance of your business, and your dream.

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Entity formation

One of the most important steps in the formation of a new business is selecting which type of entity you wish to create. This decision impacts your future tax liabilities, legal exposure, and other future legal and financial issues. By selecting the appropriate entity type during the initial formation of your business, you may avoid future legal and financial frustrations.

To help you gain the maximum protection and benefit during formation, Attorney Hailey-Petty helps you understand the varying types of entities and the benefits or drawbacks each has to offer. She will carefully review your business plan and future goals before offering advice on your options and the entity creation process.

Attorney Hailey-Petty’s knowledge of business law allows her to guide fledgling business owners through the creation of:

  • LLCs
  • PLLCs
  • Corporations
  • S-Corps
  • Partnerships

Whatever type of entity you choose to incorporate, Attorney Hailey-Petty guides you through each step in the process, including completing the creation documents and filing them with the appropriate governmental departments, including the Secretary of State and the Internal Revenue Service.

Continuing representation

Business transactions and general operations are filled with potential legal issues that must be addressed to protect the well-being of the entity. Attorney Hailey-Petty offers continuing representation that is designed to help your business address a wide range of legal issues, including:

  • Conversion from an out-of-state business entity
  • Financial issues relating to the operation of the business
  • Company agreements / buy-sell agreements
  • Vendor agreements and contracts
  • Business succession planning
  • Contract creation and enforcement
  • Company sale or dissolution

By building a trusting relationship with you and your business, we work to become the resource you turn to whenever a legal issue or question arises.

As a business owner, understanding your options for protecting your investment and future is important. By retaining the Hailey-Petty Law Firm when legal issues arise, you are assured informative and insightful guidance throughout your search for resolutions.

To schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your business law needs with Attorney Hailey-Petty, call (512) 910-8977 to reach our Austin office, (210) 570-2458 to reach our San Antonio office, or contact our firm online today.

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