Update Your Statutory Durable Power of Attorney

Estate planning is a curious thing. It’s sort of like a dreaded household chore think of taking out the garbage. You may put off taking out the garbage until the bin is full, then see if you can squeeze a little more in so that you can wait a little longer. When you finally do break down and make the trip outside to the garbage can, you’re relieved that it’s done, and you can forget about it for another week.

Some folks do the same thing with their estate planning documents. When they finally get around to creating a plan after putting it off for months and years, they’re relieved and think they’re all set with a maybe simple will that protects against any contingency and circumstance.

However, Texas law gives you several ways to be certain that your wishes are carried out in the event you are stricken with Alzheimer’s Disease or other health conditions that incapacitate you. There are estate planning forms that can provide directions to healthcare professionals and family members who may have to make critical decisions regarding treatment and health care. A Durable Power of Attorney allows another individual to make personal and financial decisions on your behalf. This form should include legal descriptions of real property so that there’s no misunderstanding or confusion over your agent’s ability to deal with that specific real property. Consult with an estate planning attorney when preparing a Durable Power of Attorney to be sure that it accurately reflects your wishes and needs. Visiting with a qualified and experienced estate planning attorney can save you and your family headaches, time, and expense.

Consider these ideas about a durable power of attorney and speak with Texas estate planning attorney Pamela Hailey-Petty by contacting the Hailey-Petty Law Firm in Austin at (512) 910-8977 or email pam@haileypettylaw.com. She can help you with any follow-up concerns you have and make sure your estate plan is effective and comprehensive for your sake as well as your family’s.

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