Who was Melvin Dummar?

Melvin Dummar was at the center of a story about a contested will.? This story was played out on the front pages of newspapers all over the country, in 1976. In this story, the decedent was Howard Hughes, a flamboyant, mega-rich, eccentric icon of American industry. His claim on the will was on the basis of an incredible story. But it’s essentially the same drama that gets played out in a contest over any will. It’s the kind of intrigue and excitement that you really want to avoid.

Howard Hughes lived large. Book after book are filled with stories that boggle the mind. And, true to form, Howard Hughes made some epic Estate Planning mistakes, despite his access to lawyers who had the skills and experience to help him. Maybe he was too busy to take care of those details.

There is a will. Now someone brings in another will, and this one is different. Which one is the “real” will, the one which should be carried out? Again, if you want the drama, there are many books to fill your evenings with intrigue. Charles Dickens’s “Bleak House” comes to mind. But you don’t want this drama in your family. Get competent advice from a lawyer who has some life experience!