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A solid estate plan should include Advanced Medicaid planning to help you achieve Medicaid eligibility without spending all your life savings.  Leaving this out of your estate planning documents can only lead to asset depletion and financial insecurity for people you love. Anyone approaching retirement or is currently retired needs to hire a Medicaid planning attorney instead of waiting until they need long-term medical care.

You will need an estate planning lawyer with extensive experience in managing estate planning processes to help you create a plan suitable for your unique situation. Get in touch with a medicaid attorney near you today to learn more and why you should choose the right estate planning professional.

How To Preserve Your Medicaid Eligibility

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It is a good idea to start your estate planning and Medicaid eligibility process at a young age to secure your financial future when you are older and retired. With the help of an estate planning lawyer in Austin, you can create an entire estate plan with the instruments needed to preserve Medicaid eligibility. If you already have an estate plan, an attorney can help you review and modify it so that you can achieve Medicaid eligibility.

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Your Medicaid Planning Attorney Can Help You In Crisis Situations?

What Is Long-Term Care & Medicaid Planning?

Medicaid AttorneyJust because you never had any advanced Medical planning in your estate plan, does not mean that you cannot hire a Medicaid Planning attorney to help in crisis situations. The most common crisis situation is when a family member needs to be admitted to a nursing home but the family member had no Medicaid plan.

Chances are that in emergency nursing home admittance situations you may be denied Medicaid coverage and may experience problems paying nursing home expenses out of pocket.  Your attorney can help you apply for Medicaid, but they have to first review your assets, monthly income, prohibited gifts, or asset transfers. Any information they get from this can be used to successfully appeal the denial of Medicaid benefits.

Will Medicare Pay For Your Long-Term Care?

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Medicare is only meant to pay for primary care services and rehabilitative services. For example, if you need to stay in a hospital for an extended period of time, Medicare may pay for that. However, it will only partly pay for skilled nursing care you get in a nursing home, which means you may have to pay the rest.

Medicare’s goal is to get you well enough to go home and that’s it. So, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Chronic Arthritis, and Stroke patients cannot rely on Medicare. With all of this in mind you should talk to an experienced attorney about updating your estate plan.

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A Medicaid planning attorney can provide legal advice on matters related to estate planning and specifically Medicaid eligibility. Make sure that your attorney has experience with Elder Law matters, specifically those relating to Medicaid. Elder law attorneys are also often members of other charity organizations that cater to senior citizens and others in need of Medicaid.

You can find these lawyers online and learn about their backgrounds and approach to practicing law on their websites. Austin Medicaid planning attorneys can visit with you over the phone, in the law office, or even via zoom call if needed. Some may even visit clients in the hospital or nursing home, even if it is outside the Austin area. Give us a call today to speak to an attorney about your specific situation.

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