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To qualify for Medicaid in San Antonio, the amount of monthly income you make and your assets must not exceed certain limits.  These limitations exist to ensure that only people in great need get to qualify for Medicaid.  With Medicaid planning, you not only get to protect your assets but also make it easier for you to get long-term nursing care or an extended at-home stay with the extensive care and supervision you need. Talking to an experienced San Antonio medicaid lawyer will help you make a better informed decision about your health-care needs and also inform you of other will requirements that might arise.

Protecting Your Assets With Medicaid Planning

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A Medicaid planning attorney can help you determine whether you are eligible for certain Medicaid benefits. Proper legal planning can help you avoid spending down and depleting your hard-earned assets in order to qualify for financial assistance.  Before you sell your home or give away assets, talk to an experienced Medicaid planning attorney to help you protect your assets without jeopardizing your Medicaid eligibility.

Even if you have already entered a long-term care or assisted living facility, you can still benefit from the help of a Medicaid planning attorney who will help you avoid mistakes of a life estate that people make.

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What About Medicare?

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San Antonio MedicaidMedicare is only meant to assist you if you have a short-term illness or are involved in an accident. It only pays for the primary health care services that you get during your hospital stay.  However, if you need long-term nursing care at a nursing home, Medicare will not cover that in full.

Medicare will only pay for services you receive at a nursing home for 100 days. This is why you need to consult a Medicaid planning attorney before you even need skilled long-term care.  Medicaid will pay for long-term care as long as you qualify.

Services Offered By Medicaid Planning Attorneys

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Medicaid planning attorneys often help clients handle Medicaid applications, Medicaid planning, and Medicaid appeals. Apart from appealing decisions that deny you access to Medicaid, your attorney can discuss with you other available options for your particular situation. Your lawyer can also discuss with you about assets that are not considered when applying for Medicaid in Texas such as your motor vehicle and home.

Anyone that is outside the five-year look-back window has a distinct advantage of planning ahead. Your Medicaid planning attorney can:

  • Show you how to legally and cautiously spend down your assets
  • Review your income and assets in order to create an effective plan to help you be eligible for financial help
  • Show you how to transfer assets to loved ones over time
  • Give you tips on methods of properly structuring tax-exempt gifts

Find an attorney that offers strategic alternatives and approaches your situation with compassion and complete confidentiality.  You need an attorney that can listen to your fears and prevent you from making mistakes such as selling your home and giving away your assets and gifts in order to qualify for Medicaid.

How To Protect Assets

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Your lawyer may suggest protection trusts, income trusts, caregiver agreements, and other strategies to protect your assets.  You also have to remember the five-year look-back period because it may determine whether or not you get Medicaid. Your Medicaid planning lawyer will review your estate and advise you on the most appropriate strategy for you. Not everything you read is factual and you should talk to an attorney regarding common myths about estate planning or inheritance.

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If you are unfamiliar with how the system operates, applying for Medicaid can be a very tedious and complex procedure. Although it is not necessary for an attorney to submit a Medicaid application on your behalf, having an advocate who is knowledgeable about the process and who can communicate with the Medicaid caseworker after your application has been submitted is always valuable.