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People are age 65 or older can enroll in Medicare, a Federal health insurance program that pays for outpatient visits, prescription drugs and much more.  These kinds of programs help protect seniors from financial problems as they deal with their health issues.  You can look at the four different types of Medicare before you choose one that suits your situation.

An experienced Medicare lawyer can help you create a healthcare plan that will protect your health and your finances.

Should You Enroll?

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Medicare LawyerPeople who are 65 years or older, or younger people with disabilities and serious renal disease are eligible for Medicare. You need to apply for Medicare as with seven months if you are eligible or you may end up paying a late enrollment fee. You most probably paid into Medicare when you were working and for that reason won’t have to pay a premium for Medicare Part A.

Unlike Medicare part A, everyone has to pay for Medicare Part B but the monthly premiums for Medicare Part B are based on income.

The Benefits of Medicare

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The four types of Medicare include:

  • Medicare Part A:  It covers hospice care, care at a skilled nursing facility and some home health care.  However, the cover for care at a skilled nursing facility is not long-term. You should consider Medicaid if you want the long-term option.
  • Medicare Part B: This covers medical supplies, services from some doctors and outpatient care.
  • Medicare Part C: This involves a private company providing Medicare Part A and Part B benefits with approval from Medicare.  It is also called Medicare Advantage Plan and often provides prescription drug coverage.
  • Medicare D:  This covers the cost of outpatient prescription drugs. This option is often offered through private insurance companies.

How A Medicare Attorney Can Help You?

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You may need a lawyer if your application for Medicare is denied. But you could consult the lawyer to help you apply the right way to increase the chances of you being approved for benefits.  You should also consult an elder law attorney if you are accused of obtaining health benefits fraudulently.

This is because fraud often leads to consequences such as fines and jail term.  Your lawyer can help you avoid these situations as you plan for Medicare.

Medicaid vs Medicare

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Medicaid is a state and federal targeted at low income people that cannot afford to pay for long-term care from their pockets.  On the other hand, Medicare is a federal program for people over 65 years of age of people with disabilities that are under 65 year of age. There is no income limit to qualify for Medicare and you pay part of the costs.

You have to pay small monthly premiums for non-hospital coverage.  Medicaid may require a small co-payment but that is not a common occurrence.  But you do not have to pay part of the costs for covered medical expenses.  Medicaid programs differ depending on the state but Medicare is basically the same everywhere in the United States.